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Immaculate Conception

Painting of the Immaculate Conception follow a certain pattern. In this ArtSpeaks, we will unpack the different symbolism to fully understand what each means and gain a better understanding of Mary.

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Triptych in Defense of Mary's Perpetual Virginity

This triptych of multi-layered symbolism and typology explains, in images, the perpetual virginity of Mary.

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The Ceiling of St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney

The ceiling of St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney exposes its wooden beams for a reason. This ArtSpeaks explains why.

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Song of Songs

The Song of Songs in the Old Testament tells of a husband and her groom longing to be physically romantic with each other. It is an allegory of God's relationship with his people; Christ, with his Church.

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Baptism of Christ, Our Lady of Pastures

This obscure mural depicting the Baptism of Christ reminds us of the Crucifixion, the crossing of the Jordan into the promised land, and our ability to be tempted.

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Christ in Limbo

When we profess in the creed that Christ descended to the dead, we say that he freed all those good people who were not able to enter heaven before his death opened it. Fra Angelico gives us interesting details especially the devil crushed by the door...

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